Tanara – Tanara has been ruined. A world once frought with cities and industry has fallen into chaos. A magical battle took place between the major nations of a land known as Balnia. Little is remembered but all agree that there was an explosion in Balnia about thirty years ago and the land began to change. The further west you went the dragons could no longer fly or speak. Their breath weapons a mere memory. Arcane magic wains away until it is myth. But in Balnia, in Baknia the Well provides magical chaos and destruction letting loose deady spells with conciousness. The well, what is left of a great battle long ago. Many a wizard and even a cleric or two went into the well for it’s power only to emerge mangled and twisted by the magic within. Survival is hard here. It’s hard everywhere else to. The loss of magic in many area’s was a great blow to life on some continents and the little magic left in those lands is coveted and misered. The world is still changing, Balancing itself in a new way.

Nanton looks down